Mechanic Techniques

Mechanical Techniques in Production


The Department of Mechanical Technology, one of the main technology departments, headed towards expanding the technical education base and its modern applications to be a pioneer in providing modern technical services based on the spirit of competition and cooperation with all to serve the community and develop

The Message

The department adopts its mission based on the philosophy of technical education in Iraq. And   aims a   activating its investigation to highlight the excellence of the department. Its general goal is to graduate technician staff with a high level of skill and training to be able to absorb the systems of modern technologies and support the development process to keep abreast of the rapid global technological developments through:

1-the use of    computer technology    and the Internet in  education and training.

2-Activate the relationship with the private sector in the fields of training.

3-follow up the development of the curricula of training plans and then updates laboratories and workshops.

4-Interaction   with the labor market and the needs of the  community rehabilitation and training of students.


1- Prepare technical staff with high skills in the field of competence is able to deal with the ongoing variables in the field of work

2- Enhance the values ​​of functional belonging and loyalty to the institution

3- Bridging the gap between traditional and modern scientific and training curricula to serve the current reality and future ambition

4- To promote the concepts of qualitative and quantitative excellence to serve the current reality and future ambition

5- Creating a scientific and applied research environment to serve business organizations and find effective solutions to their problems

6- Evaluating the effectiveness of educational and training programs annually in order to achieve better development in the efficiency of the Institute’s performance

7- Take care of the students and put them on the right path to achieve their legitimate personal and professional goals away from deviation and alienatio