About Our Institute

Technical Institute / Kirkuk


   Is the first point of scientific and civilization radiation established in this ancient province in 1976 to embrace the Institute of Galilee, the eternal fire of Kirkuk and to give light to the glow in its skies and to mark the bright lights on the future of its graduates, and currently includes sixteen sections of science in engineering, administrative, medical, The Institute currently includes (112) teachers, 378 technicians, 41 administratively contributing to the teaching and training of 3736 students for morning studies and 736 students in evening studies. The institute includes 66 classrooms, 47 scientific labs, (19) computer labs, (20) specialized training workshops and (4) ceremonies, in addition to the facilities Biofilms other Kalnada student, Central Library, internal departments (2), a ceremony for the Gifted students fine arts, sports hall closed, football field, (4) basketball courts, volleyball ground and tennis in

. addition to other service attachments


    The Institute is built on a bright plateau to lead the advanced scientific institutions in Kirkuk governorate to provide its educational and skills services with high professionalism in addition to scientific consultation through its multidisciplinary advisory office in line with the policy and strategy of the technical education and its future aspirations

 :the message

     Implementing the concept of “from institute to work field” based on modern curricula and advanced training techniques in preparing and training students, providing them with high level technical skills, launching them into the labor market and ensuring the quality of the targeted return from the technical education process

Core Values:

   The Institute believes in the following values:

       1 – Technical education is a sacred profession that requires the members to perform the right to conscious belonging and loyalty to its concepts.

       2 – the technical professor of national wealth and social role carries a noble message that he must perform with all dedication and sincerity.

       3 – Adopting the spirit of one team and striving constantly to rise to the tops of creativity and innovation.

       4 – To work on the performance of an advanced educational and technical service that meets the overall quality standards.

       5 – Openness to the field of work and study its reality and requirements and facilitate its production and service operations in accordance with international standards.

       6 – The realization of the technical professor that the real watchdog on his gift and behavior – after His Majesty – is his conscience vigilant and control

            On the performance stemming from the essence of the true affiliation of the Institute.


   1 – Preparation of technical staff with high skills in the field of competence able to deal with continuous changes in the field of work

   2 – Promote the values ​​of functional belonging and loyalty to the institution.

   3 – Bridging the gap between traditional and modern scientific and training curricula to serve the current reality and future ambition.

   4 – To promote the concepts of qualitative and quantitative excellence to serve the current reality and future ambition.

   5 – Create a scientific environment and research applied to serve business organizations and find effective solutions to their problems.

   6 – Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational and training programs annually to reach the development for the better in the efficiency of the performance of the Institute.

   7 – Care of students and put them on the right path to achieve their goals and hopes of personal and professional legitimacy away from deviation and alienation.